A type led campaign crying out for global change.

Typographic Winner
Creative Conscience 2021

Seastainable is a type led campaign that aims to make a difference.

By collecting plastic and fishing debris directly from beaches and recycling them into typefaces, the campaign creates hard hitting messages that spell out the unsustainable damage we are causing to the oceans.

Our oceans are at breaking point. With every day that passes, humans are causing tremendous damage to the oceans, leaving marine life to face the consequences.

Unsustainable fishing practices, and plastic pollution are destroying ecosystems, causing potentially irreversible damage such as decimating dolphin and whale populations. 


'Strangled' is a typeface with letterforms shaped out of discarded fishing nets that can be utilised to communicate hard hitting messages, spelling out the impact of unsustainable fishing practices and the ever-increasing damage being inflicted on endangered populations of marine life. The typeface can be used to highlight problems such as 'bycatch' (when animals such as whales and dolphins are accidentally caught and killed in fishing nets) and 'ghost fishing' (discarded or lost nets that trap and kill marine life).


Damaged, broken and ruined, Helvetica Distress makes for an uncharacteristically uncomfortable and awkward read, whilst highlighting an even more uncomfortable truth


Alternates of each glyph allow for a variation in the letterforms, highlighting the scale of the damage resulting from unsustainable fishing practices and the enormous quantity of plastic found in ocean habitats.


Seastainable is designed to work alongside organisations that are trying to make a difference, rather than act as a standalone campaign. The typefaces can be used by organisations such as Greenpeace and WWF in their fight for environmental change, helping them to spell out the issues that are destroying our planet.


'Choked' and 'Poisoned' are two typefaces that personify the suffering of the planet's oceans and marine life through hard hitting messages that are spelt out using plastic retrieved from beaches and recycled to create letterforms.