Campaign / Branding / Communication / Type Design

Hi, I’m George.

I have just completed my third year of BA Graphic Communications at Norwich University of the Arts, graduating with a First.

My work predominantly takes on a type-led approach, with a focus on branding, campaigning and advertising. I enjoy creating visually dynamic and intriguing work that has an interesting idea behind the design and a clear yet cliché breaking link to the subject. Projects of mine also often take on manual techniques to create the desired outcome, for instance through physically crafting type out of objects which are then photographed, or by creating textures and print finishes by hand to enhance the stylistic choices in my work, crafting a more bespoke outcome.

Copywriting and working with witty and compelling text in my work is something I also enjoy and use to give my projects personality, appealing to the target audience and conveying the intended message. I am excited by the opportunity to work on impactful and thought-provoking campaign work, as well as playful advertising and branding projects.

If you like what you see and would like to work with me then please get in touch!